How do I redeem my Crystal Club points?

There are three ways:
  1. Voucher redemption
  2. Dollar redemption
  3. Gift redemption

Voucher Redemption

  1. Log in to Crystal Club
  2. Under Your Rewards, you may redeem the reward of your choice:
  1. Click Yes to confirm the redemption:
  1. A voucher code will be generated in yellow as such:
  1. Input the voucher code when you're at checkout:
  1. Click Apply to validate your voucher code:

Dollar Redemption

  1. Log in to Crystal Club
  2. Add your wishlist to cart
  3. At checkout, locate the slider Redeem points on the right and choose how many points you'd like to redeem:
Please note that a maximum of 100 points can be redeemed on one order.
  1. Click Apply to generate a one-time code:

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