Tell me more about Silver jewellery.

To find out which kind of silver your piece is made of, please visit its respective product page.

  1. 925 Silver Base Metal + Rhodium (+ Protective Coating)

Some of our 925 Silver products are plated with an extra layer of rhodium and a protective film coating. This gives off a darker silvery finish that is long-lasting. Once the rhodium and coating has worn out, you will be able to see the 925 Silver base exposed.

A silver polishing cloth may be used with this material once the rhodium plating has worn off.

  1. 925 Silver (+ Protective Coating)

Some of our pieces are 925 Silver with an added protective coating. For these pieces, you will notice a slightly whitish silver finishing that is bright and luminous for a different aesthetic feel. As compared to rhodium plated silver, 925 Silver lasts longer and can be polished for a brighter shine.

925 Silver is shower-safe.

The more you wear 925 Silver, the more it will keep an oxidised layer from forming on the material – this keeps the item shiny for a longer period of time. If you leave 925 Silver unworn for a long time, an oxide layer may start to form and a blurry coat will form atop of the material.

A silver polishing cloth may be used on 925 Silver to bring back its shine.

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