How do I maintain my membership status?

To maintain your Quartz membership status,

no minimum spend per year is required. It is a free, lifetime membership.

To maintain your Ruby or Diamond membership status,

you must maintain the following minimum spend per year.

Crystal Club Tier

Minimum spend per year



All members start off as a Quartz member! It is free, lifetime membership with By Invite Only 💌


S$500 – S$1499


S$1500 – S$2999

Case Scenario: If a customer becomes a Ruby member on 02 June 2021, they would have to spend a minimum of $S500 from 02 June 2021 to 01 June 2022. If the customer fails to spend S$500 by 01 June 2022, their membership status will fall and return as a Quartz member on 02 June 2022.

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